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There are a lot of bloggers out there looking to get a load of traffic to their blog, for the simple reason that they want people to see what value or products they have to offer. As an example, Beauty Bloggers offer makeup tutorials and product reviews, fashion bloggers would show off the latest trends in fashion and home bakers who’d like to showcase their homemade baked goodies. All of this to get more clients and establish their businesses. And there are those who just want to share what’s on their minds. Unfortunately exposure is not really what happens and I will tell you why. All they get are a couple of views. These hard working people who are trying to reach out to an audience are under the impression that just blogging will do, however it will end up frustrating them more than anything else and they are more likely quit!

How can you increase web traffic? What should you be doing in order to get more eyeballs to your website?

Who should you be approaching? The World Wide Web is so vast and sometimes it’s hard to find the information you are looking for right away, as there are many layers to work through and really just a lot to consume that one doesn’t know what is wrong and what it right.

The advantage of being an internet marketing coach is that I get to provide some useful information to those that are in my networks and inner circles, where I provide assistance to increase web traffic online by equipping a blogger or an online entrepreneur or marketer as to how you would increase web traffic to your respective sites.

The internet marketing coach concept can also be a means to an income, as you provide your services for a fee, outside of your products on offer, an example: how to find the best information to come up with the best internet marketing solutions for a website to improve its exposure online.

Here are some helpful Internet Marketing Tips which has been provided previously by myself as an internet marketing coach, allowing you as a website owner to increase your traffic:

1. Write a read worthy piece of content – You need to ensure that those who visit your site are not going to waste their time reading your blog purely rambling on about babble. It should contain something that is worth reading, content of value. I always say “lead with value.” Write about something the reader or follower can use.

2. Be collaborative – If you want to boost your traffic, you should possibly consider the contribution of other peoples take on things like feedback and opinions, as this creates engagement. Like friends, co – workers and chat mates.

3. Be visible on the social media – Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and google+. Participate in discussions with topics of the same niche. Write insightful comments to build connections with the people online.

4. Make your blog / site appealing – Add graphics and videos. Make the headline catchy.

5. Keep your Keywords in check - Keywords are a vital part of your content.  You must see to it that the key words you use for every blogposts or piece of content can be found on a websearch. It should be a word or phrase that is relevant to the topic and to the search.

These are only few tips to increase your website traffic and are a good starting point in order to start seeing some results. Blogging/content writing is fun and fulfilling and is very popular strategically to in internet marketing. [ Internet Marketing]

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