Logos are what you want to add to the upper left of your screen to mutate your logo.


If you can look to the upper left corner, you'll see the gray Codesnippets logo.


First, you start out with the following:

<span style= .

This is how a position is put.

Then, a color is chosen.

<span style="background:#FFFFFF

In this case, #FFFFFF is white. You can choose from other colors below: (For additional colors see Hex Triplet Colors.)

Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal
aqua #00FFFF green #008000 navy #000080 silver #C0C0C0
black #000000 grey #808080 olive #808000 teal #008080
blue #0000FF lime #00FF00 purple #800080 white #FFFFFF
fuchsia #FF00FF maroon #800000 red #FF0000 yellow #FFFF00

Then, you enter position:absolute as shown here:

<span style="background:#ffffff;position:absolute

next, add the coordinates top:-45px; left:-165px;z-index:-3.

<span style="background:#ffffff;position:absolute;top:-45px; left:-165px;z-index:-3"

Now, end the code with the > symbol, then choose an image. If you have no idea what image to choose, go with Image:Example.jpg

And finally, you end with the </span> syntax.

When produced, you should get the following code:

<span style="background:#ffffff;position:absolute;top:-45px; left:-165px;z-index:-3">[[Image:Example.jpg|164px]]</span>

This should be the outcome of what is to the upper left of the page.

See AlsoEdit

Hex Triplet Colors

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